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who knows, but who really cares?

the commodore lives another day

2 July 1985
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just a squirrel trying to find a nut.
1920s, 1960s, 2-tone, acting, adrenaline, alcohol, alter egos, andy warhols factory, anime, art, artists, beauty, bi girls, black and white, bondage, books, boys, burning man, canoeing, choking victim, classic rock, classical, clothes, cocksparrer, collecting matchboxes, compulsive buying, crass, creating, crows, dancing, david bowie, daydreaming, debates, debauchery, dinosaurs, diy, dragons, drawing, dreams, dress up, dresses, drinky crow, drugs, drum 'n bass, ebay, electro, experimental house, fairies, fantasy, fashion, faux fur, fooling everyone, freddie mercury, friends, fruits, funk, girls, glam rock, guitars, hentai, house, iggy pop, ink, japanese street fashion, kayaking, laughing, led zeppelin, leftover crack, lou reed, love, making clothes, marijuana, masochism, me, mindless self indulgence, mod, mod fashion, monsters, mp3s, music, my dog, oi!, old blues, old movies, oldschool punk, organ solos, painting, paranormal, paranormal stuff, pen and ink, photography, photoshop, plotting revenge, post-punk, pre-punk, psychedelics, punk, punk shows, queen, ralph steadman, reading, road trips, robots, rudimentary peni, running amok, salvador dali, self discovery, sewing, sex, sharks, shibuya-kei, shows, ska, skanking, sketching, sunglasses, surrealism, t-rex, the aquabats, the cramps, the flaming lips, the talking heads, the velvet underground, thrift shopping, thrift stores, tony millionaire, traveling, twiggy, uk82, underground hip hop, video games, vintage cars, vintage clothing, vintage dresses, vintage pornography, webcams, wigs, words, writing